Controller – Paul Billington

2021-22 Champion – Matthew Clark
2021-22 U1700 Champion – Steve Kempsell
2021-22 U1400 Champion – Martin Ayres

The 2022-23 Championship is six rounds, November 2022 – April 2023, one game each month, for the titles of Club Champion, U1700 Champion and U1400 champion. The rounds are drawn by Swiss pairing, using Oct 22 ratings. Normal Shropshire Chess League rules apply. The timing is 1 hour 25 minutes, with 10 second increments. One point for a win, half for a draw. In the event of a tie at the end of round six, a tie break round will be played. Games will be ECF rated. White has the responsibility of arranging the match in each round. Matches must be played by the end of each month unless special arrangements are made with the controller.


Last update: 8 June

Nigel Ferrington217166006
David Hodge180354104
Steve Kempsell170063124
Matthew Clark187063213.5
John Westhead167063213.5
Rob Nield 170743103
James Holyhead156953203
Nick Holmes146163303
Alex Brims136653203
Sam HollandsUG52123
Charlie BethuneUG63303
Graham Shepherd164861232.5
Cesar PileggiUG61232.5
Steve Wilson149952302
Martin Ayres124452302
John Bashall175451401
John Casewell128361501
Dave TomlinsUG60501

Players withdrawn

Trevor Brotherton205811001
Paul Billington152610100

Note – in accordance with Shropsire Chess League rules, John Casewell may play all his games online


Round Six 

WJohn Westhead0-1Nigel Ferrington
WDavid Hodge1-0Matthew Clark
WJames Holyhead0-0Rob Nield
WSam Hollands0-0Alex Brims
WGraham Shepherd0-1Steve Kempsell
WCesar Pileggi0-1Charlie Bethune
WMartin Ayres0-0Steve Wilson
WNick Holmes1-0John Casewell
WDave Tomlins1-0Bye

Round Five – matches to be played by May 2

WNigel Ferrington1-0Sam Hollands
WRob Nield0-0David Hodge
WMatthew Clark1-0Graham Shepherd
WJohn Westhead1-0Cesar Pileggi
WSteve Kempsell1-0Nick Holmes
WAlex Brims1-0Martin Ayres
WSteve Wilson1-0John Casewell
WBye0-1James Holyhead
WCharlie Bethune1-0Dave Tomlins

Round Four – matches to be played by March 27

WRob Nield0-1Nigel Ferrington
WCesar Pileggi0.5-0.5Matthew Clark
WDavid Hodge1-0Steve Kempsell
WJohn Westhead0.5-0.5Graham Shepherd
WSam Hollands1-0John Bashall
WJames Holyhead1-0Steve Wilson
WJohn Casewell0-1Martin Ayres
WNick Holmes1-0Charlie Bethune
WDave Tomlins0-1Alex Brims

Round Three

WNigel Ferrington1-0David Hodge
WMatthew Clark1-0John Westhead
WJohn Bashall0-1Rob Nield
WSteve Kempsell1-0James Holyhead
WGraham Shepherd1-0Nick Holmes
WSteve Wilson0-1Cesar Pileggi
WCharlie Bethune0-1Sam Hollands
WAlex Brims1-0John Casewell
WMartin Ayres1-0Dave Tomlins

Round Two

WTrevor Brothertondef-1Nigel Ferrington
WRob Nield1-0Matthew Clark
WDavid Hodge1-0John Bashall
WJohn Westhead1-0Charlie Bethune
WSam Hollands0.5-0.5Steve Kempsell
WCesar Pileggi0.5-0.5Graham Shepherd
WNick Holmes1-0Martin Ayres
WPaul Billingtondef-1Steve Wilson
WJames Holyhead1-0Alex Brims
WJohn Casewell1-0Dave Tomlins

Round One

WNigel Ferrington1-0Paul Billington
WSteve Wilson0-1Trevor Brotherton
WMatthew Clark1-0Nick Holmes
WAlex Brims0-1David Hodge
WJohn Bashall1-0John Casewell
WMartin Ayres0-1Rob Nield
WSteve Kempsell0.5-0.5Cesar Pileggi
WDave Tomlins0-1John Westhead
WGraham Shepherd0.5-0.5Sam Hollands
WCharlie Bethune1-0James Holyhead
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